About Conor

I started this blog because everyone should learn about and participate in financial markets. But mainstream financial media’s intention isn’t education and accessibility, it is to separate investors from their money. My goal is to call out Big Finance’s bullshit and show people what successful investing really entails.

My love for investing started when I was about 10 years old and my grandpa became my first informal finance teacher. We created a “paper portfolio” where I picked a few stocks, followed their prices in the local paper, and tracked them in a notebook.

Fast-forward two decades, dozens of classes, the grind of the CFA designation, and thousands of hours studying and discussing financial markets…and I still love investing. 

About half of my job consists of developing, implementing, and managing portfolio strategies for clients of Truepoint and Commas. The other half includes learning, talking, and writing about financial markets. 

I live in Cincinnati with my wife and kids. We are blessed.